Industritjänst i Europa AB is a private company primarily operating in the welding and mounting industry. The founder, Stig Jonsson, has worked in the industry since 1962. The company is based in Karlstad, Sweden, but it runs projects all over the country.

We have been in business since 1962 and have been developing and expanding our business and reputation ever since. We represent reliability and stability for our customers, employees and subcontractors. Historically, our biggest customers have been the major companies in the Swedish paper mill business.

It is our belief that a company can only stay in business for this long by treating all people: customers, employees and subcontractors, with honesty and respect. Our greatest assets are the very high skill level of the people we work with and our flawless reputation. This is why our customers and coworkers tend to stay with us.

Micael Jonsson
+46 72-545 34 76

Patrik Carlsson
+46 70-280 13 46

Stig Jonsson
+46 70-553 30 91